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Invest in your future

Invest in your Future

Be Part of a Change

More and more Professionals are drawn to interim management for its attractive work-life balance and range of role and growth opportunities.

Going “Interim” is becoming a recognized career choice.

Leverage the Network

Almost any doubt can be solved or approached leveraging on a network of Professionals expert in a variety of fields. There is a network at support of the interim Professional and the company.

Access to Projects at your terms

Projects are shared with the InterimPRO network and a matching is pushed where there is fit between company needs and Professional's availability.

The low-effort research for the next roles.

Gain Referral Commissions

InterimPRO Professionals can share projects and roles when they are already occupied, or a specific expertise is required, and gain from referral commissions.

The potential of a community based network.

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