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More expertise, more flexibility, less cost

More expertise, more flexibility, less cost

The interim management tool can really be tailored to the company's project, optimizing flexibility and cost.
The assignments start from 2 weeks and do not exceed 24/36 months, which is generally the time required for the completion of major complex transformations.
Our Professionals do not necessarily have to work full time, but their engagement can be calibrated as needed.

Part-Time or Full-Time

Part-time engagements help the company in getting specialised talent while modulating the commitment to the business needs and adjust for seasonality, while full-time engagements guarantee more available hours on top of exclusive focus.

On-site, remote or hybrid

Many organizations resisted remote work for years, however, after COVID-19 hit, everyone has realized the benefits. Your company’s resources and the candidate’s availability will determine whether the InterimPRO engagment will be conducted remotely, onsite, or hybrid.

Generalist or expert 

InterimPRO Professionals have their own unique advantages, while generalist interim professionals are versatile and adaptable, specialist interim professionals bring specific expertise to your business. The right choice between the two will depend on the specific needs of your business.

Fractional Management

A third way, alongside interim or temporary management through which SMEs can access quality and proven Professionals is Fractional Management.

The Fractional Manager operates in a part-time mode on multiple clients simultaneously, providing ongoing management support over the long-term.

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